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There's a new future being made
- for us and for you!

These pages are under development

and so is our company.


We have a strategic foresight consultancy background that isn't forgotten in this change. In fact, we used it for an idea of a new service that is being launched. It now replaces another idea that didn't fly well enough (at least for the time being).  So, as a flexible company we took another way. And yet another.


The strategic foresight and innovation culture consultancy, coaching and training are still also available! We can help other companies to adapt an approach similar to ours - adjusted to them. Guidance for entrepreneurs is also available.

And via Coenna, you can also get ITSM expertise: See Päivi's LinkedIn profile.

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated so please contact today
if you're interested either in 

  • Our approach for strategic foresight and innovation culture


  • Piloting new ideas and participating in their development with DEM Vision Ltd.

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You might be eligible for getting our foresight services free by using an Innovation Voucher from Business Finland - Let's talk about it!

We're an approved service provider

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